Danish food ingredients firm Danisco has developed an alternative to harmful trans fats for use in the manufacture of baked goods and snacks.

With labelling requirements looming and consumer concern growing, many food producers are trying to eliminate trans fats from their products.

Replacing the role of a partially hydrogenated fat in terms of aerating, emulsifying, lubricating, and providing textural, structural and flavour characteristics has in many cases proved difficult. However, Danisco claims its tailored emulsifier/oil blends are an acceptable alternative for baked goods manufacturers.

“These emulsifier blends with mixtures of non-hydrogenated oil offer the same properties as a partially hydrogenated shortening in most systems,” said Jim Doucet, technical manager, emulsifiers.

“The emulsifier solutions can offer the crystallisation, lubrication and textural properties that customers desire in their baked goods,” added David Kappelman, technical manager, bakery.

Danisco said its trans free emulsifier blends can be used in a wide range of food products including cookies, nutrition bars, crackers, snack cakes, tortillas, pie crusts, breads and breakfast cereals.