Rather than guarding its knowledge, Danisco makes it available to its customers for inspiration. The Internet solution Partnerweb gives customers around the world direct access to a huge base of technical knowledge and information on food ingredients and trends.

‘Partnerweb is a new form of collaboration offering benefits to both parties. The customer can gain more competitive strength, and we can relieve our administrative burden,’ says E-Business Manager Henrik Vesterborg Andersen of Danisco.

‘With Partnerweb, a food producer in, say, South America can visit our website and see the ongoing trends in the industry elsewhere on the planet. We would like to share our knowledge and inspiration with the customers to offer them a competitive edge over their rivals through the latest information from the food sector,’ Henrik Vesterborg Andersen continues.

Natural raw materials
Today Danisco supplies ingredients to practically all industries, but companies in the baking, ice- cream, dairy, margarine, confectionery and beverage industries are among the biggest buyers. Danisco ingredients are primarily produced from natural raw materials, such as citrus fruits and vegetable oils, embracing everything from enzymes and natural protectants to pectin and flavours, while mainly being used to improve the taste, texture and shelf life of foods.

Stronger customer
Danisco’s big library can help the customer increase the value of existing products or develop new ones that meet shifting customer needs. The goal is to strengthen the customer’s product development and competitiveness.

5,000 gaining access
Partnerweb is targeted at development staff and marketing departments of large national and international food companies – on a global scale roughly 5,000 companies. Henrik Vesterborg Andersen anticipates at least 1,000 users at the end of 2001, chiefly in Europe. In early 2002, the concept will be launched in North and South America.

High mail volumes
Besides giving customers swift access to the new knowledge, Partnerweb will be a great time-saver for Danisco. ‘Given a rapidly expanding product portfolio and accelerating innovation, the need for continuous communication with customers’ R&D and marketing departments is a time-consuming task. That’s why an innovative approach was required to avoid a countless number of letters from us. Of the so-called “technical literature” alone, we send about 70,000 mailings to customers worldwide every year,’ says Henrik Vesterborg Andersen.