Danish food ingredients firm Danisco has announced the launch of its NovaGard CB-1 antimicrobial system, designed to minimise the risk of Listeria monocytogenes in ready-to-eat deli items, such as chicken salads.

Danisco said that, in trials, its new antimicrobial reduced the L. monocytogenes count and maintained that reduction throughout the shelf life of chicken salad.  NovaGard CB-1 was designed to be added to the dressing portion of meat-containing deli salads, and is equally effective in a variety of other salads including potato salad, coleslaw and tuna salad.  The company said the product does not affect the flavour, texture or acidity of the foods it is used in.

In addition to its minimisation of L. monocytogenes, Danisco said NovaGard CB-1 also reduces total bacterial counts, thus reducing spoilage and extending deli item shelf life.