Danish food ingredients giant Danisco has developed a new stabilizer/emulsifier system, which it claims will help dairy manufacturers looking for a solution to volatile butterfat prices.

Elevations 200, has been designed to improve the texture of standard or traffic brand products and provide them with the same creamy mouthfeel as premium ice cream. 

With this product, a standard 10% butterfat ice cream feels and tastes like 14% butterfat ice cream, without the added butterfat. 

John Breeden, dairy sales manager, commented: “Not only does Elevations 200 allow the manufacturer to improve their standard ice cream to that of a premium quality, they can do it with a consistent pricing parameter, which has not been the case with butterfat.”

Elevations 200 also offers the opportunity to freeze products drier, and with better overrun capabilities and heat shock protection. This results in a firmer texture.

Breeden explained: “Higher quality hydrocolloids build up body and texture properties, without viscosity building characteristics during pasteurization, a major concern for dairies.” 

Mike Parsons, dairy industry manager, added that the comapny’s expectations for Elevations 200 are high.

“The concept of cost reduction on the ice cream side of the dairy industry is a concern for all processors,” he said: “We’re giving them an opportunity to smooth the playing field by taking some of the volatility out of the category, which a lot of people are finding very attractive.

“Several customers have plans for trial runs in early 2002.”

Elevations 200 was developed as part of Danisco’s Elevations line for the frozen dairy market.