Danish foor ingredients giant Danisco has signed a licence agreement with Dutch Plant Research International (PRI) whereby Danisco will receive rights to use PRI´s technology for the development and production of new flavour products.

The licensed technology is a product of PRI´s advanced plant metabolomics platform. As part of this agreement, Danisco and PRI will undertake a joint project to further evaluate and commercialise the technology.

Danisco intends to produce flavours by means of modern biotechnology. The manufacturing process allows Danisco to reduce production costs and at the same time limit the use of raw materials.

The world market for the kind of products covered by the agreement, and other similar projects, is at least €13.5m (US$12.4m).

PRI is a part of Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands. Over the last five years, PRI has made large-scale investments in functional genomics technologies in line with its ambition to become a leader in the field of plant metabolomics.

The agreement with PRI is in line with Danisco´s ambition to become one of the world´s leading flavour producers.