Danish packaging manufacturer Plus Pack has launched a new range of plastic packaging, called SquarePac, with a unique tamper-evident closure for the UK convenience market.
Its new range is designed for delicatessens and take-away markets, incorporating five sizes of container, from 250 ml to 1000 ml, in clear or black/clear versions.
The containers, made of APET, have a closely-fitting lid, which can only be removed once the tamper-evident seal has been broken, providing reassurance that the contents are untouched.
SquarePac is also designed to be placed directly on the dinner table rather than transferring the contents, such as salads, pasta salads and sliced fruit, to a serving bowl.

Plus Pack UK sales manager Shawn Roberts said: “Sales of convenience products to busy consumers continue to grow. Many people want to spend less time shopping, cooking and presenting meals. At the same time, however, consumers are placing ever greater demands on the quality and safety of food, as well as on the packaging, which should ideally be attractive enough to place directly on the dinner table.
“Plus Pack is one of the few plastic manufacturers to have mastered the “tamper-evident” technology within thermoforming, and we expect the market for this type of safety packaging to grow considerably as interest continues to increase in the coming years.”