Poland’s Jovi Black could be looking to find a market in Denmark, after Danish technology helped develop the unusual yoghurt drink.

Polish dairy Obory has had success with its novel drink, with brisk sales to the young and business people who are impressed with its novel black colour, marketing chief Tomasz Koczynski said in a Danish Dairy Board news item.

And while Koczynski’s only comment on the recipe for the ebony drink is: “We have a black cow,” the DDB claims that Danes are behind the secret.

Fruit pulp producer Atys and Danish ingredient firm Chr. Hansen have found a way to create the black dairy drink, using CapColor technology based on a type of charcoal fibre, Dairy Industries International reports.

Koczynski said that Obory is not interested in distribution in a discount grocery chain, adding that Jovi Black is a product for the chic and trendy.