Seven cheese terminals in Sweden have been replaced by one. Since January, the storage and distribution of cheese from these terminals has gradually been transferred to a main warehouse in Götene, south of Lake Vänern, where the 31m high building can handle 26,000 pallets, 14,000 more than the new Arla cheese dairy at Taulov in Denmark.

The terminal in Götene replaces Arla’s former cheese store and terminals in Götene, Sävsjö, Kalmar, Stenstorp, Nyköping, Jönköping and Lidköping. The latter will be the last to close, i.e. at the end of August. Until then the terminal will function as a backup in the event of unexpected disruptions.

Besides familiarising themselves with new working routines, staff at Götene are having to cope with a 15% increase in sales compared to April 2000.