Norwegian food firm Agra is to buy family-owned Danish food business Stryhns and merge it with Danish peer Graasten Salater.

The two companies are among the best-known producers of tinned and bottled pates, meatloaf and salads in Denmark and will have a combined turnover of DKK600m (US$125m). Agra is also a family-owned company.

“The sale will strengthen the financial basis for the development and sale of Danish foodstuffs with a view to further growth,” said Ivar Knoth, MD of the new company, Stryhns-Graasten.

The new company, a market leader in Norway and Sweden, will include Stryhns’ Langelaender brand of sausages.

The new company will maintain production plants at Roskilde on the island of Zealand, Langeland and the Jutland town of Graasten, with headquarters in the town of Himmelelv.

Stryhn posted turnover in 2007 of DKK337m, a 5% increase over 2006.  Net profit fell slightly to DKK21m.