Spanish retail groups Dia and Eroski have signed an agreement aimed at creating supply chain efficiencies in sourcing materials for their respective own-label products.

In a statement, the retailers said yesterday (15 March) they were “convinced the new peer-to-peer relationship will lead to better value for money for the benefit of consumers”.

The agreement allows Dia and Eroski to use each other’s supply chains and resources to “improve the competitiveness” of their own brands. Acquisitions of perishable fresh products as well as oil, milk and eggs are excluded from the agreement.

However, the retailers said they will maintain the “fully independent trade policies” of their respective brands and the agreement will focus only on “improving efficiencies”.

In 2015, Dia announced a purchasing tie-up with fellow retailer Casino for both branded and private-label products. The pair said the deal aimed to “boost their competitiveness relative to major suppliers of national brand food products.”