Nestle has invested CHF12.9m (US$13.3m) in the expansion of its Carnation Milk dairy facility in the Dominican Republic.

The plant, located in the country’s north east, processes fresh milk for the production of its evaporated milk brand Carnation. The facility has benefited from the installation of new equipment to boost production.

“With this expansion, Nestle is reaffirming its confidence in the country, and its commitment to national milk production,” said Claude Mamboury, head of Nestle’s operations in the Dominican Republic. “We are strengthening our roots in San Francisco de Macorís. We are here to stay. Nestlé is a company that has always had a long-term perspective,” he added.

In addition to the San Francisco de Macorís factory, Nestle operates a second site at MadreVieja, in San Cristóbal, which produces culinary products – including Maggi branded products – some of which are exported to the US and the Caribbean region.