Dr Oetker has launched its rebranded Ristorante pizza in the US under the new name Virtuoso.

William Whalen, executive vice president at Dr Oetker’s US arm, said the rebranding decision was the result of “extensive consumer research and careful consideration”.

“Virtuoso is a high-quality pizza with the same fresh-tasting ingredients and distinctive flavour combinations many consumers already know and love from Ristorante,” Whalen said.

The German food group said the new name epitomised “Dr Oetker’s celebrated qualities of artistic excellence and skill, and the Virtuoso is someone who excels above and beyond in the performance of their chosen art form”.

Virtuoso is “made with the same exact recipe and ingredients as Ristorante” and available in the same nine flavour varieties, such as Vegetable Medley and Mozzarella & Pesto, “with more to come in the near future”. Virtuoso is available in all grocery stores that previously carried Ristorante.

Just over one year ago, Dr Oetker announced plans to rebrand its McCain pizzas in Canada. The German company acquired the McCain’s frozen pizza line in 2014 when it bought McCain Foods’ pizza operations in North America

Earlier this year, Dr Oetker said it was setting up a new plant in India, where it has been looking to expand production for more than five years.