Despite suffering a boycott of its products by consumers in the Middle East, Danish food group Arla said today that it was still in dialogue with the retail trade.

The food groups said it would be “strongly represented” when the food exhibition, Gulf Food, opens in Dubai on Sunday.

“Representatives from all Arla’s subsidiaries in the region and from the Overseas Division’s management are ready to meet with all customers and distributors in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia,” the company said.
“The exhibition will give us an opportunity to explain the situation calmly,” said regional director Jan. E. Pedersen on his way to Dubai.

“We don’t expect our participation in the exhibition to have an impact on the boycott, which is the consumers’ choice. But we will have some valuable discussions with our business contacts,” said Pedersen. “A face-to-face dialogue is extremely important in the Middle East and cannot be substituted by a phone call.”