Privately held Egyptian firm Al-Jawhara Food Stuff has launched a line of snacks in the country emblazoned with the image of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

The crisps have been designed to raise money for the Palestinian people fighting the Intifada (uprising) against Israeli occupation, company executive Ali Ghoneim told Agence France-Presse yesterday [Sunday]: “It’s a message to the children so that they become familiar with the Palestinian cause and the right of Palestinians to live in peace on their land.”

The packets are decorated with drawings of Arafat in his olive military uniform and black-and-white headscarf. He salutes with one hand, carries a Palestinian flag in the other, and the snacks are pictured at his feet. Arafat’s nom de guerre, Abu Ammar, is written in Arabic, together with the words “Hero of the Resistance”.

The snacks, which come in cheese, tomato or paprika flavour, also state “Hand in hand, we are building our future. The more you buy, the more you build”, and 25 piasters (US$0.05) will be donated to an unnamed Palestinian organisation for every packet sold.