Plans are in place to reopen between 12 and 13 outlets from the beleaguered Spar convenience store chain in Estonia, according to Juri Vips, who has taken over the obligations of the chain’s debt-ridden operator Baltic Food Estonia.

The chain originally comprised of 31 stores throughout Estonia, and it is still unsure which exactly will become operational again. Vips revealed that it depends on how the situation regarding retail permits is solved.

Vips, who has established the OU Comarket company to put Spar’s operation in order again, is being advised by Guido Parnits, former head of Baltic Food. Parnits told the daily newspaper Eesti Paevaleht: “I believe that I have information that could contribute to putting the store chain on its feet again and the provision of which won’t harm anyone.”
He added that he might assume a formal position with Vips’ company if it fully acquires the Spar chain.