The European Union and Chile have concluded negotiations on an agreement on trade in organic products, with a deal in sight.

The agreement will see the two mutually recognise the equivalence of their organic production rules and control systems. It covers all EU organic products and allows for products produced and controlled according to EU rules to be sold in the Chilean market and vice versa.

A statement from the European Commission said the agreement on trade in organic products will be the first of the “new generation” agreements in trade in organic products and the first bilateral recognition with a Latin American country.

It added it would pave the way for other agreements in trade in organic products and provide a “strong foundation for the development of the organic sector”.

EU Commissioner Phil Hogan said: “I very much welcome the end of negotiations with Chile with a view to concluding an agreement on trade in organic products. The European organic sector continues to be one of our most dynamic production sectors and Chile has great potential in developing opportunities for organic farmers and businesses. This agreement will contribute to creating jobs and growth for both partners, with the guarantee for the consumer of solid control systems.”