A meeting of the Consumer Committee in Brussels last Friday (September 21) has resulted in the EU expressing support for a consumer voice in the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Franz Fischler, Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries, stated: “Everybody has strong views on where we have to go in food production and agriculture in the future and we cannot ignore that the discussion on food safety and food quality touches on the basic issues of our lives. It raises the question of what we eat every day.

“The CAP is a policy area where consumers want to be fully involved and heard […] in their search for food safety, food quality and choice the Commission and consumers should pursue the same course and steer towards the same goals,” he added.

Fischler also commented on the dualistic character of food quality, in that even if there is absolutely no risk, food safety should still by a non-negotiable element of food quality.

Fischler concluded: “We should not let ourselves be brought to a standstill but rather look at the future of a CAP that can live up to consumers’ expectations.”

The Consumer Committee was established by Fischler and the EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, David Byrne, to enable open discussions about food policy future.

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