Commissioner David Byrne, responsible for Health and Consumer Protection today [Wednesday] welcomed the adoption by the European Parliament of a Regulation laying down clear rules on what must and may be done with animal materials that are excluded from the food chain.

This includes rules on new disposal options such as transformation of the materials into biogas. Only material derived from animals declared fit for human consumption following veterinary inspection may be used for the production of animal feed. The regulation also prohibits any form of “cannibalism” within species.

“The requirements for feed are now as stringent as those for food, and this is a great step towards preventing any feed-born food crises like BSE or dioxin contamination. The Regulation sets out a transparent, comprehensive and directly applicable legal framework, replacing and simplifying a number of laws that have developed over more than a decade. It is a far-reaching and ambitious piece of legislation based on science and a concrete example how we are making food and feed safety a top priority. It is based on the over-riding principle to ensure food safety from the farm to the fork by introducing stringent conditions throughout the food and feed chains requiring safe collection, transport, storage, handling, processing, uses and disposal of animal by-products”, said David Byrne.

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