European food safety experts who meet today (30 November) in Helsinki, Finland, agreed to increase the levels of cooperation between member states’ food safety bodies and the European Food Safety Agency.

Collaborative projects have been launched to increase the exchange of scientific data and information through the development of pan-European databases, share risk assessment best practice, develop harmonised methodologies for risk assessment and promote coherence in risk communications
EFSA’s executive director, Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle, said: “Strengthening cooperation and networking between member states and EFSA is my top priority. Here in Finland, and across Europe, there is excellence in science and considerable experience in risk assessment. If we can work together with the national authorities more closely and coherently- by sharing best practices and harmonising methodologies – EFSA and the institutes in the member states will help to create an even stronger food safety system in Europe. This will also help increase consumer protection and confidence in the food we eat across Europe”
The draft strategy is expected to be finalised in the next few days, taking into account views expressed by advisory forum members.