The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has today (26 July) published formal guidance to food manufacturers and retailers seeking EU authorisation for product health claims.

Despite receiving some 300 comments on its initial draft under a consultation period with industry experts, the EFSA has not changed the main principles it originally proposed.

“The consultation led to text changes resulting in a clearer, simpler and more user-friendly document,” the EFSA said.

The EFSA claims the guidance will help companies submitting health claims for authorisation under an EU directive that came into force on 1 July.

“It addresses what they need to include in their application, in particular concerning the scientific data and evidence,” the EFSA said.

The agency is also to vet whether claims are written clearly and honestly for consumers. Its panel on dietetic products, nutrition and allergies will “evaluate the wording…to ensure that it reflects the scientific evidence and is understandable”.