The EFSA has been asked by the European Union to deliver advice on new regulations governing health and nutrition claims on foods with the aim of ensuring all such claims are scientifically based and consumers’ interests are protected.

At the three-day international conference that kicked off in Bologna, Italy, today (8 November) over 200 experts from national food safety authorities, stakeholders and international organisations are set to exchange views on the subject of nutritional labelling.  

“EFSA welcomes the opportunity of providing sound scientific advice to underpin the new regulation on nutrition and health claims,” EFSA executive director Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle said at the conference today. “EFSA has the expertise needed to meet the challenging tasks laid down in the Regulation. We will undertake this new work in close co-operation with national food safety authorities and following extensive consultation of our stakeholders.”

The European food safety watchdog envisions itself playing a pivotal role in the implementation of new legislation, supporting the EC and member states through the provision of the scientific basis for assessing health and nutrition claims made by food manufacturers.