EU agriculture commissioner Franz Fischler has said a breakthrough in World Trade Organisation farm talks is possible if other parties match moves made by the EU.

Speaking at a news conference in Winnipeg, Canada, Fischler said the ball is now in the court of the US, Canada or Australia regarding the ongoing WTO farm trade liberalisation negotiations.

“I think a breakthrough is possible in July and the EU is ready to do its part to make it happen. The EU has put its export subsides on the table. We are offering that at the end of a transition period, the legal basis and the budget for EU export subsidies will be gone. We expect the US to do exactly the same for their export credits or the Canadians to do exactly the same with their Canadian Wheat Board,” Fischler said.

“Export monopolies, subsidies, state guarantees or long redemption periods unfairly promote exports, depress prices and hence harm developing countries…Fudging the issue, playing hide and seek with academic discussions is no longer good enough,” he added.