Kraft Foods today (31 January) announced that, in support of its Sustainable Growth Plan, it plans to reorganise and simplify its European operations.

The company will combine its Western Europe and Eastern Europe regions into a single European Union management structure. Kraft has identified three core categories – cheese & dairy, chocolate and coffee – which will be managed and developed centrally across the EU.

It is expected that a number of positions will be lost across the EU as the company increases its category focus and streamlines its operations in order to reduce costs. Following consultation with the Works Council, specific plans regarding the impact on the number of jobs in each country will be finalised and announced, the company said.

“These changes are designed to create significant value for our European consumers and customers, and drive our future growth for Kraft in Europe, by making us more flexible, externally focused and faster to market,” said Joachim Krawczyk, president of the newly formed EU region.