According to a provisional calculation by the European Commission, based on Member States’ annual declarations, the levies for Member States exceeding their milk quotas total €277m (US$271.5mm) for the whole of the European Union (EU) for the period 2001/02.

Last year the total levy came to €292m. The overrun in the EU amounts to 450 000 tonnes.

For the period 2001/02, the total quota for deliveries to dairies was set at 117.72 million tonnes (divided into 590 000 individual quotas) for the whole of the European Union.

According to the declarations, nine Member States (Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria and Finland) exceeded their quotas and together account for an overrun of 775 579 tonnes. Consequently the levy totals €276.3m.

Six Member States (Greece, Spain, France, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom) have not used up their quotas. Consequently, those countries will not have to pay a levy. The under-utilisation of their quotas amounts to 325 232 tonnes. Producers in those Member States will also be exempted from a levy, because the national reference quantities have not been exceeded.

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