The European Union and Morocco have reached an agreement regarding a mutual liberalisation in farm trade.

In general, the parties have agreed to grant each other better access to their respective markets in the spirit of the Barcelona Process, which calls for the gradual liberalisation of agricultural trade.

Following the agreement, around 96% of Moroccan agricultural traditional exports will benefit from a preferential access to the EU market. The part of traditional EU agricultural exports to Morocco benefiting from preferential treatment will rise to 62%. Before entering into force, the agreement will now be submitted to the European Commission and the Council for formal approval.

“This is a real breakthrough. I am very pleased that we finally got a deal. This agreement is well balanced. The mutual market opening will benefit Morocco and the EU alike. It means better market opportunities for EU farmers. At the same time, it finally gives our tomato producers a clear perspective regarding the conditions and quantities of tomatoes imported to the EU,” EU Agriculture Commissioner Franz Fischler said.