Clitravi, the EU’s meat processing liaison group, has demanded more support from the European Commission in a bid to regenerate the meat industry following the impact of foot and mouth disease, BSE and hog prices.

“It will be necessary for Community exporters to make additional efforts to recover lost markets following the ban on certain exports, a ban which we hope will be temporary,” said a spokesman for the group. “Some additional financial incentive is fully justified for manufactured products,” he added, pointing out that the European Commission should increase the level of refunds for manufactured products

The ban on meat and bone meal feed, implemented due to fears of the spread of BSE, has increased costs for the industry by between 1% and 10%, according to Clitravi. While this ban must be maintained and even extended, the association argues that financial aid is necessary.

The association also demanded an outright ban on the use of swill in animal feed: “Clitravi is of the view that the time has come to introduce an outright ban on this practice since it appears to have been incriminated both in recent Classical Swine Fever outbreaks and more recently in foot and mouth disease.”

“The Commission made an attempt some ten years ago to prohibit the use of swill feed. Under pressure from certain member states this idea was dropped and instead tighter processing rules were introduced,” it added.