Danish authorities have intercepted seven tons of fake feta – from Greece – at a border check. The cheese was produced in Bulgaria and had Greek labels stuck over the originals.

Not only is passing off Bulgarian feta as Greek illegal, it is particularly provocative when Greece is fighting to win Protected Designation of Origin status for the Greek sheep and goat’s milk cheese, and prevent countries like Denmark from using the name.

Hans Bender at the Danish Dairy Board’s Brussels office said it was not the first Greek swindle involving feta, and cited cases of irregular Greek ‘feta’ made from cow’s milk and containing casein, the DDB reports.

Bender did not expect an energetic reaction from European authorities, who he said tended to view such violations as “isolated incidents” worthy of only a slap on the wrist.

“To me, the repeated Greek swindles clearly show that there is no point in saying that feta must only be made from Greek sheep and goat’s milk when the Greeks themselves call anything feta. The Greek legislation is purely cosmetic, to reserve the feta market for themselves,” Bender told the DDB.