European life sciences firm Eurofins has announced that it has acquired ERGO (Hamburg), one of the largest and most advanced dioxin-testing laboratories in Germany.

Through this acquisition Eurofins becomes the largest dioxin-testing laboratory worldwide. The company said ERGO has earned an international reputation in the analysis of the cancer-causing chemicals at low concentrations in natural products and biological specimens. ERGO sales are in excess of €2m (US$2.6m) per year.

Together with GfA, Oekometric and MPU, Eurofins now carries out more than 15,000 analyses of dioxins and furans per year. Its customers include leading international producers of food and feedstuffs as well as the chemical, steel, energy and waste management industries in 40 countries.

Eurofins said recent dioxin controversies related to potato peel contamination in The Netherlands and egg contamination in Germany emphasise the need for monitoring and accurate analysis.