Soy sauce manufacturer Kikkoman is set to start a Europe-wide marketing campaign.

The Japan-based business today (6 August) announced the advertising drive, which uses the “+K” visual, an aspect of the campaign that will be common across the company’s European markets.

In the UK, Kikkoman has developed an advert with the tagline “Chicken+K”. The ad seeks to show “how a simple, everyday ingredient can be transformed into something special” with the soy sauce, said Ben Briody, sales and marketing manager of Kikkoman’s UK operation.

“The +K can represent a wide range of messages. For example, chicken+K shows how a simple, everyday ingredient can be transformed in to something special with the addition of Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce. Or it could be used to make a statement such as health +K, showing how Kikkoman can be used as a seasoning for a range of healthy recipes.”