Danish-based dairy company Arla Foods has said Emirates Flight Catering, a catering company that supplies aircraft using Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates, has renewed its contract with Arla for the supply of 10g mini portions of Lurpak spread.

“The contract is hugely important to us because it means that very large numbers of travellers will encounter the Lurpak brand every day,” said Søren Ustrup, business development manager of Arla NFPC UAE, Arla Foods’ Emirates subsidiary.

Arla said Lurpak is the Middle East’s leading butter brand with a market share of around 64% in the UAE, Arla Foods’ second-largest Middle Eastern market after Saudi Arabia.

The new contract runs from 1 January 2005 to 31 December 2006 and represents around 145 tons of Lurpak per year, or around 1.2 million mini portions each month.