UK baker Warburtons is to start selling bread in Spain next month and, in another sign of its ambitions on the Continent, is in talks with retailers in France.

The UK baker said today (20 April) it is expanding into Spain, where it will begin selling wrapped bread products from May, targeting British ex-pats through stores in Malaga, Alicante and the Balearic Islands.

It is also in talks to stock wrapped loaves in supermarkets across Paris “in the coming months”. The move, Warburtons said, is part of its vision to “become the world’s largest family food company”.

Warburtons made its first move into international markets last year with trials in Tesco stores in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

A spokesperson for Warburtons said today: “At Warburtons, we are known for continually innovating in our product range and now we are pleased to translate this approach into accessing new markets and introducing more customers to the great quality and taste of our baked range.

“This development forms part of an innovative export project in Central Europe where Warburtons is currently working in partnership with Tesco to distribute to four countries in Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland).”

Warburtons said it is “pleased” with the initial progress the project has made over the last ten months.

“The products have been well received and the quality is the best in the market. The wrapped bread (toastie etc) has proven most popular. Feedback from our partner, Tesco, has also been positive. This is a long-term project for our family business.”