Canadian baker Fiera Foods Company plans to review its safety systems after a fatal accident at its Toronto manufacturing facility. 

A spokesperson for the company told just-food a 24-year-old unnamed woman died while working at the site on Friday (2 September). However, the spokesperson added “specific details” of the incident are not being released at this time. 

“Safety of our employees is our top priority. We have always, and will continue to, strive for a safe work environment,” the spokesperson said. “We are conducting a full review of this tragic accident and working closely with the Ministry of Labour. We are further planning to initiate a review of all our policies, procedures and safety systems to ensure this kind of severe tragic accident never happens again.”

According to the spokesperson, the company “worked quickly” to implement six orders from the Ontario Ministry of Labour before production resumed at the plant this week. 

Fiera Foods is also “collaborating fully” with the ongoing Ministry of Labour investigation to “gain a better understanding of how we can further improve safety so this does not happen again”. If the ministry finds working conditions at the facility were unsafe, it could lay charges against the company. 

Local reports suggest that the woman, who had worked at the company for less than three weeks, died after an article of clothing became caught in a conveyor line.