Family-owned Finnish food manufacturer Bioferme has seen sales of its functional health foods increase so rapidly that production capacity will be doubled this year.

Sales of Bioferme’s range of 100% non-dairy oat-based drinks, sold under the Yosa Plus brand, have increased tenfold since its launch last year, spokesperson Virpi Venho told a gathering of food journalists in London yesterday [Wednesday].

Bioferme produces a wide range of wholefoods and wellness products, including vegetable products, desserts, organic juices and glogg (similar to mulled wine). The company has cooperated with public programmes to produce fermented products for customers with particular health requirements.

Some of its products are fortified with calcium and essential fatty acids. The vegetable-based Yosa Plus drinks are fermented by using probiotic acidophilus and bifidus bacteria, and then enhanced with calcium, vitamins and fatty acids.

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