Finnish retailer Kesko has said that in order to improve the competitiveness of its K-food stores it is reforming the operations and organisation of its food business.

Chain operations are to be intensified and cooperation between chains in purchasing, marketing and logistics is set to increase markedly. The main priorities will be excellent service and price competitiveness.
The management of the K-food stores will be concentrated from six to three units: K-Citymarket (51 stores), K-supermarket (152 stores) and K-MARKET (all other K-food stores including K-extra, K-pikkolo and Cassa stores; 850 in all).

Logistical improvements will mainly focus on enhancing the operational base of logistics control as a whole. Plans have been made to transfer Kesko Food‘s warehouse production to Kesped, responsible for Kesko’s transport and terminal operations. Kesped will become a Kesko Food subsidiary and its name will be changed to Keslog, effective from the beginning of next year.