Software company Organic Equivalency Technologies (OET) has announced the launch of two ap-plications that have entered their pilot phases: Standard and Equivalency Management Tool (SEM), for use by inspection facilities, and Organic Recipe Tool (ORT), for use by food producing compa-nies.

OET, which was established in Finland in 2001 as a company that develops software applications used by the organic food industry for international markets, is now seeking leading food industry companies that are interested in organic production to participate in its international pilot projects.

For the food industry, OET said the main benefit of the Organic Recipe Tool is that it enables the development of organic products according to desired standards without having to go through all the various standards. ORT also enables the sourcing of necessary raw materials so that their certifi-cates are compatible with the demands set forth by the desired certification bodies. Therefore, the software aims to significantly decrease the time and effort required by product development, par-ticularly if the product is being developed for export.

OET said that with the Standard and Equivalency Management Tool, certification bodies can man-age standards content and inter-standards comparison. SEM can also be used for standards devel-opment and the granting of equivalencies to other standards. The company said that the main bene-fit of its product for certification bodies is that standards content management, analysing and com-parison can be automated. “You have to wonder why IT has not previously been utilised in this problem area,” said CEO Sampsa Heinonen.