Finnish food group Paulig said it is expecting clearance from health authorities for its new cholesterol-lowering ingredient, Diminicol. The product has been developed in a joint-venture between Teriaka, a unit in the Paulig group, and Helsinki University.

Like the well-known Benecol bread spread from Finnish Raisio, Paulig’s Diminicol is also extracted from plant sterols, but unlike Raiso, Paulig will not transform these into plant stenols. Instead, Paulig said it will use a simpler production method.

“We will just mix the sterols with water and fat,” Leena Morander, Teriaka product development manager told Sweden’s Foodwire.
The company said it expected approval from the EU later this year, and later from US and Japanese regulators. Teriaka said it will market and sell Diminicol through licencing partners.

Deminicol, described as a soft paste with neutral taste, was said to work in a wide range of different products such as yoghurt, pasta, fresh cheese, chocolate, popcorn and margarine. The only requirement was that the product contained fat.

By correspondent based in Scandinavia