Finnish food retailer Spar Finland has said its net turnover for 2004 was €566.2m (US$738.5m), down 0.2% from €567.4m in the previous year.

Net turnover for December 2004 was €49.8m, down 1.8% from €50.7m a year earlier. Net turnover for Spar Finland-owned stores increased by 6.1% in 2004 and by 2.5% in December. Comparable net turnover for Spar Finland-owned outlets was down 4.1% in 2004 and down 7.6% in December.

As well as operating as a food retailer, Spar Finland, a subsidiary of Swedish food retailer Axfood, operates as the wholesale supplier of Spar-branded food retail stores.

Spar Finland’s retail stores operate through two nationwide chains under the Spar and Eurospar banners. At the end of 2004, Spar Finland’s operations comprised 13 Eurospar stores and 274 Spar stores, making a total of 287 stores, of which 94 are owned by the company itself.