Atria Lithells, the Swedish subsidiary of Finnish meat processing company Atria, said it has completed its merger with Samfood’s operations.

Atria acquired the business operations of Samfood at the beginning of September 2002. A programme was then launched to merge and develop the businesses and has now been successfully completed, Atria said, adding that Lithells’ profitability had improved significantly.

The last major development measure related to the merger is a €2.3m (US$2.8m) investment in sausage production at Atria Lithells plant in Sköllersta. The investment is due to be completed in the summer and will enable the transfer of sausage production from Malmö to Sköllersta, resulting in greater operational efficiency.

Atria Lithells also intends to invest in upgrading the productivity of its operations, including its convenience food operations in Malmö and its retail-packed meat unit in Årsta, Stockholm.

In 2004, Lithells plans to invest a total of €6m to develop its operations.