Seafood companies from around the world will have the ability to create a private, secure network to better manage the procurement and sales of seafood products and services for their suppliers and customers™ today introduced the development of suite web-enabled solutions designed to integrate standard business practices and streamline existing procurement and sales systems.

“MyFishmonger”, a new Custom Business Service Network, will provide the following new solutions:

— Full integration with existing systems
— Real-time inventory management
— Dynamic pricing and product costing
— Program customer sales
— Private trading network
— Automated market alerts for changing supply conditions
— Logistic and shipping support
— Communication tools to create private networks

This suite of web-enabled tools gives seafood companies a secure, private, 24-hour, 7-day-a-week communications network. “Through MyFishmonger, our customers can now fully automate their communications and sales systems and more efficiently conduct business with their customers worldwide,” said Tom Poole, CEO and Founder of

“We’re looking forward to introducing this next generation of Internet e-service solutions to our customers,” states Ken Wheeler, CMO. “MyFishmonger is the tool that will allow seafood companies to integrate their business systems with those of their suppliers and customers. We believe this represents the future of e-business for the seafood industry.”

Partnering with industry leaders is a key component of’s strategy, and developing custom business applications will provide a new level of service for the rapidly expanding e-service marketplace for the seafood industry. Many new partnerships and alliances will be announced in the coming weeks as the custom program is brought on-line with leading seafood companies from processors to suppliers, to key restaurant chains and grocery retailers.

About, founded in Bellevue, Washington in November 1999, is an innovative Web-based company whose mission is to improve the lives and livelihoods of all those who supply seafood to the world through an e-business platform. The Company offers free access to multi-auction online trading, real-time industry information, and vital e-services in an easy to use, constantly updated format.’s e-commerce component has been developed using state of the art technologies from IBM, DataChannel, Microsoft, and eCredit, Inc.

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