France’s beef farmers have reached a deal on prices with processors following talks in Paris, an agreement that looks set to end a three-day blockade of plants run by market leader Bigard.

Under the deal, the per kilo rate for beef cattle would increase by EUR0.05 and for dairy cows by EUR0.02.  

“This agreement brings to an end the steady fall in prices and is the first step towards us obtaining an increase of EUR0.60/kilo,” Pierre Chevalier, president of the FNB farmers federation, said.

However, Chevalier did not specify a date by which the federation was looking to achieve this objective.  

Farmers are now ready to lift their blockade of nine Bigard abattoirs across France subject to certain conditions, Chevalier said. 

Farmers are awaiting confirmation that Bigard had applied the increases and that the group has agreed to drop judicial action against protesters. Reports this morning (11 November) said blockades had been lifted at four Bigard sites.

The deal also makes provision for the installation of machines in Bigard’s plants for beef carcasse grading, a measure the FNB has been calling for.

Chevalier said the order for 22 machines costing EUR100,000 each is expected to be signed by the end of the year, the cost met by Bigard.