French grocery retailer Carrefour is launching a label to tell its customers that its animals have not been fed genetically-modified food.

The “Nourri sans OGM” – or “free from GM feed” – labelling, which has been supported by WWF France, has been added to over 300 products in Carrefour’s French stores.

The company said studies found 63% of customers would stop consuming food products if they knew the products came from animals fed with GMOs.

Carrefour France executive director James McCann said: “We have a very strong belief in Carrefour to inform our customers and give them the freedom to choose. With this new labelling, we allow our customers to decide in a transparent way whether or not to buy products from animals having been fed GM-free food. Being a responsible retailer is a fundamental value for us.”

Products involved in the new labelling include pork, veal, poultry, eggs, and farmed fish.