Carrefour announced today (29 November) that it is testing two new convenience store concepts in France.

Carrefour City Café stores will offer over 700 takeaway food products including sandwiches, snacks, products that are ready to eat or heat, cold drinks and pastries. The 100-150 square metre stores will also offer a dining area and Wi-Fi. The first outlet will open in Bordeaux on 16 December.

The French retail giant is also testing the Carrefour Express concept in cities and rural area. The stores will provide a top-up shopping offer and will be open from 8am -9pm and on Sunday mornings.

The 100-250 square metre stores will offer 3,500 products including the Carrefour Discount and Organic Selection lines. The first outlet will open in Poiters in January with a second store due to open in Paris in February.