French top-of-the-range dry ham and dry sausage producer, Rochebillard & Blein, has acquired  its smaller counterpart, Peguet Savoie Salaisons. 
Founded in 1900, the company is based in Violay, in the Lyon region and serves a long-standing clientèle of close to 2,000 high-class butchers throughout France. Its products are also marketed in the the supermarket channel largely in the form of retailers’ own brands.
Alpine region-based Peuguet, was formerly owned by Aoste and is known for its traditional production techniques. It is currently working towards obtaining the EU’s Protected Geographical Status regional food label.
With 110 staff and an annual output of 2,200 tonnes of dry ham and sausage, the new entity is expected to generate a turnover in 2010 of EUR21m (US$26.7m).