Members of the French dairy co-ops Eurial and Valcrest have approved plans to merge their processing and marketing operations.

The two sides announced in February they were in talks over a possible deal, which was given the green light on Friday (27 June).

Three Valcrest processing sites, an adminsitrative centre and the marketing of a range of products including “speciality” cow’s milk lines and goat’s cheeses will be merged into the Eurial business.

Eurial said the deal “strengthen” the French sector for products made from goat’s milk. The co-op already owns the leading brand in the sector, Soignon.

It claimed Valcrest would benefit from Eurial’s “industrial and commercial clout” in the retail and export sectors.

Valcrest president Pierre-Jo Aufranc said: “This is a beautiful collaborative project to which we are proud to contribute.”