Dairy giant Danone is to launch its Danio yoghurt line in France next year.

Danio, which is only available in the UK, will be rolled out into supermarkets in January.

France is the latest market in which Danone has launched yoghurts with a higher protein content.

While Danio is already on sale in the UK, Danone also sells Greek yoghurt in the US. However, the company has faced issues over what to call the products in each market. 

Danone originally labelled the Danio line in the UK as ‘Greek yoghurt’. However, it re-labelled Danio as ‘strained yoghurt’ after an interim court injunction following complaints from Greece-based yoghurt firm Fage. The Greek company argued consumers generally believed Greek yoghurt comes from Greece.

US firm Chobani was also ordered to stop selling its yoghurt as ‘Greek’ in the UK last year. Chobani is also now selling its products in the UK as ‘strained’ after a permanent court injunction was handed down in March.

The US authorities have more relaxed guidelines about the provenance of food and what products can be called.

Danone’s French arm said the Danio line to be launched in France will not be labelled as ‘Greek’. It said the “unique snack” is “rich in protein”. 

The range, targeted at 25- to 40-year-old consumers,  will have eight variants, including passionfruit and blueberry. The yoghurts will have an RRP of EUR0.95 (US$1.29).