Frozen goods brand d’Aucy has launched a range of premium vegetable nuggets to change children’s notions of vegetables. The Chouette des légumes [lit:’Great! Vegetables’] is already in Carrefour and starting to appear in other French supermarkets.

The shaped nuggets come in carrot, cauliflower and broccoli flavours, with a vegetable content of more than 60% and half the fat content of ordinary breaded products.

“They are being very well received and once the range is established in France, we might look at exporting it,” d’Aucy’s Karine Pochet told just-food. The product was being presented within days of the announcement of the latest phase of the government’s health and nutrition programme, PNNS2 (passim).

Another new arrival in the freezer cabinets is the ready-cooked range of frozen vegetables juste à rechauffer. By cooking more than the usual blanching, these standard vegetables – including beans, brocolli, spinach and cauliflower – just need to be reheated, as it says on the packaging.

Sales of single variety frozen vegetables have declined in recent years, partly for lack of a point of difference. D’Aucy, the retail brand of CECAB, France’s largest and most extensive vertically integrated farmer-owned food business, is backing timesaving and convenience as a way to counter this trend.