Cheese always used to be solid, but Breton firm France Fromage is challenging this notion with a range of liquid cheese in squeezy bottles. The 150g retail products come in three versions, Squeezi Camembert, blue cheese and goat cheese.

“We have been developing these products for a year, using our own technology to produce a cheese that is liquid, even out of the fridge,” director Bertrand Jouault told just-food in Paris. The SIAL innovation panel agree that it is a product worthy of one of their awards in the dairy category.

“We could reduce the fat content and retain the flavour, but below 20% fat in dry matter, it can no longer be called cheese,” explains Jouault. Since the product has all the qualities of cheese except solidity, it was easier to stick with a cheese profile.

“It’s a hot fill product that needs to be stored in a fridge and eaten within a week, once opened,” adds Jouault. Intact, the pack has a 60-day shelf life.