A French court has ordered fashion designer Milka Budimir to hand over her website to the Kraft Foods company, which owns the Milka chocolate brand, the BBC reports.

Judges said the US giant Kraft Foods was entitled to the milka.fr website because it had owned the brand long before Budimir, 58, was born.

Her lawyer said it was regrettable that the rights of a brand had triumphed over the rights of an individual. Budimir now has a month to comply with the order.

The court said that “by reserving and using the domain name milka.fr, Milka Budimir made unwarranted use of the Milka brand name owned by Kraft Foods”.

Kraft had suggested that Budimir launch a new website under the domain name milkacouture.fr, the BBC said, quoting the French news agency AFP.

Budimir’s lawyer said his client, who says she has suffered health problems since the start of the case, may appeal against the court ruling.