The Breton premium-quality meat products firm Hénaff has started to celebrate its centenary next year with the launch of Mickey Mouse-shaped minced pork patties at SIAL this week.

Hénaff is the only company in France to operate its own abattoir for manufactured products and to use the whole carcase, prime cuts and all.

The EUR42m (US$53m) a year firm is a household name in France for canned pâté and rillettes, with a 27% market share ahead of William Saurin with 6%. Its flagship product is Hénaff Pâté, sold in distinctive blue and yellow cans.

“No-one else puts prime cuts into pâté, but our blue cans alone account for 15% of the French market for canned pâté,” Loïc Hénaff told just-food at SIAL this week.