A group of goat traders have accused French retail giant Carrefour of ruining their business by selling cheap goats in the days leading up to the 12 February Islamic Day of Sacrifice.

A group of at least 100 goat traders have formed the Tanah Abang Goat Traders Union and have protested to the City Council of Jakarta that larger retailers are killing off their trade. They have demanded that legislation be introduced banning hypermarkets, notably Carrefour from selling goats for the Day of Sacrifice.

Carrefour began selling goats two years ago, and is reported to be able to undercut local traders by as much as 40%. Moreover, the store offers to deliver the goat to the customer.

The traders have found some sympathy on the City Council, reported the Jakarta Post. Deputy chairman Chudlory Syafei Hadzami is reported to have urged the governor to prohibit Carrefour from selling goats.

Unusually, it appears that the protest from the independent traders may have had some effect on the practices of the major multiple. The Post reported that Carrefour corporate secretary and PR manager Triyono Prijosoesilo had told it that Carrefour would not sell goats for the sacrifice this year.